A robot like no other

Coming to Kickstarter - Feb 2019

peeqo-the GIF robot

The story so far

Peeqo is a voice activated desktop companion that responds entirely through GIFs. You heard that right. Think of him as the love child of a home assistant and your favorite disney character, with the ability to communicate through the universal language of GIFs.

In December 2016, the first prototype of Peeqo was shared on reddit and it didn't take long before this little robot took over the internet. 650,000+ views on youtube, ~1 million views on imgur and the top post on reddit (twice!).

After a two year hiatus and over a year of development, Peeqo is finally ready to occupy a spot on your desk - to sit by you and provide little moments of delight, entertainment and assistance to get you through your day.

In early 2019, Peeqo will be released on Kickstarter as an affordable DIY kit so you can build your own robotic companion.

While the new version is still under wraps, if you want to read more about the original concept, check out the build details here and watch the adjacent video.

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